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Abductions/ Kidnapping
Airport/Aviation Incidents
Animal Rights Terrorism/ ALF
Arson/Fire Incident
Assassination/ Assassination Attempt
Biological Incidents/ Threats/ Anthrax Hoaxes etc
Bomb Incidents/Explosives/ Hoax Devices
Bridge / Tunnel Incidents and Security
Bus Stations/ Bus Security/ Bus Related Incidents
Chemical Attack
Chemical Incident
Dam Incident
EcoTerrorism/ ELF
Embassy/ Consulate Incidents or Threats
Food Supply Threats/ Incidents/ News
Food/ Product Tampering
General Terrorism News
Military Bases/ Recruiting Locations
NarcoTerrorism/ Drug Cartel Violence
Oil Gas Infrastructure - Incidents / Threats/ News
Other Suspicious Activity
Radiation Incidents/ Smuggling/ Proliferation
Railways/Train Stations
Shipping/Maritime/Ports/ Cargo/Waterways Security
Shootings / Sniper Incidents/ Etc
Terrorism And Related Court Cases
Terrorist Arrests/Captured/Killed Locations
Aircraft Laser Incidents - Lasing
Airport Incident - Arson - Weather Events - Other
Airspace Intrusion
Aviation - General News
Emergency, Forced Landing, Diversion - Commercial
Emergency, Forced Landing, Diversion - Corporate
Emergency, Forced Landing, Diversion - Military
Emergency, Forced Landing, Diversion - Private
Glider Crash Or Emergency Landing
Helicopter Crash - Or Emergency Landing - Military
Helicopter/Gyrocopter Crash - Or Emergency Landing
Hot Air Balloon Or Blimp Incidents
Plane Crash - Commercial Passenger Jet
Plane Crash - Military Aircraft
Plane Crash - Private Or Corporate Jet
Plane Crash - Private Or Corporate Small Aircraft
Ultra-Light Aircraft - Hang Gliders - Etc
Alert Cancellation
Attempted Abduction
Missing Child / Child Abduction
Hazmat - Chemical
Hazmat - Chemical Spills/Leaks/Illegal Dumping
Hazmat - Explosions/Explosives/Fires/Smoke
Hazmat - False Alarm
Hazmat - Fuel/Oil/Gas
Hazmat - Odors/Fumes/Suspicious Fumes
Hazmat - Other/Unknown
Hazmat - Radiation-Radiological
Hazmat - Suspicious or Threatening Powder
Hazmat- Biological
Hazmat- Drugs
Other Suspicious Activity
Presidential Assassination Threats / Attempts
African Swine Fever / Swine Fever
Avian Flu
Biological Incidents/ Threats/ Anthrax Hoaxes etc
Cholera Outbreak
Classical Swine Fever
Congo Fever
Dengue / Hemorrhagic Fever
Ebola / Marburg
Foot-And-Mouth Disease
General News
H3N2 - Swine Flu / Canine Influenza
H7N9 / H5N1 / H5N2 / H7N1 / H7N3 / H7N7 / H5N8
Hendra Virus
Lassa Fever
Meningitis Outbreak ( Suspected or Confirmed)
Miscellaneous / Unknown Diseases or Illnesses
Monkey Pox
Newcastle Disease
Nipah Virus
Notable H1N1 News And Announcements
Rift Valley Fever
Salmonella Outbreak (Suspected or Confirmed)
Schmallenberg Virus
Small Pox
Suspicious or Threatening Powder
Swine Flu - Confirmed / Possible Related Death
Swine Flu - Confirmed Cases
Swine Flu - Suspected or Probable Cases
Typhoid / Typhus
West Nile Virus (suspected or confirmed)
Border Weapons Trafficking
Canadian Border Violence
Canadian/U.S. Border Narcotics Activity
Central/So. American Security Intelligence Reports
Cross Border Kidnapping/Human Trafficking Events
FARC (Potential) Weapons Transfer to Mexico
FARC and Mexico
Homeland Security (DHS) Reports & Analysis
Illegal Alien Activities
Illegal Immigration Policy/Activity
Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE)
Insurgent Training Camps in Mexico
Intelligence Reports & Analysis
La Familia Michoacána
Los Zetas (aka, La Compania (The Company))
Mexican Drug Cartels
Mexican drug wars
Mexican Mafia
Mexican/U.S. Border Narcotics Activity
Mexican/U.S. Border Violence
National/International Human-Child Sex Trafficking
Potential Border Terrorist Threats
Potential Domestic Terrorist Threat Reports
Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC)
South/Central American Counternarcotics Issues
Terrorism Event Predictions/Trends/Reports
U.S. Border Patrol Incidents/Activity
U.S. Border Patrol Weekly Blotter
U.S./Canadian Border Security Activity
U.S./Mexican Border Kidnapping Events/Reports
U.S./Mexican Kidnapping Events/Reports
U.S./Mexico Border Security Activity
Western Hemisphere Arms Trafficking
Alcohol - Counterfeit
Alcohol - Spurious Or Other
Cosmetics Issues
Food - Adulterated
Food - Animal Feed Issues
Food - Contaminated
Food - Counterfeit Product
Food - Foreign Object
Food - General Food Safety News
Food - GM Contamination And Other Issues
Food - Misbranded/Mislabeled
Food - Products Seized By Authorities
Food - Smuggling
Food - Tampering
Food - Undeclared Allergen
Food Recalls
Food Shortages
Food Shortages - Riots Or Violence
General News - Food - Medicine - Health
Jewelry - Health Issues
Medicine - Adulterated
Medicine - Counterfeit Products
Medicine - General News/ Other
Medicine - Medical Products Or Devices
Medicine - Misbranded/Mislabeled
Medicine - Pharmaceutical Recalls
Medicine - Smuggling
Medicine - Tampering
Melamine Adulteration
Shortages Of Medicine
Tobacco Issues
Water Contamination - Adulteration - Other
Water Shortages
Human Smuggling
Human Trafficking - General News
Human Trafficking - Other
Human Trafficking - Prostitution
Human Trafficking - Slavery
Human Trafficking Court Cases
Organ Trafficking
Extreme Activity In Iran
Iranian Conflict - General News
Iranian Conflict - Maritime Situations
Iranian Conflict - Radioactive/Radiation
Iranian Conflict - Sanctions
General Cyber-Terrorism News
CyberTerrorism - Government Target
Cyber-Attacks - Other Suspicious Activity
Cyber-Terrorism - Threats
Cyber-Crime - Data Breach
Online Video Threats / Announcements
Cyber Terrorism - Corporate Target
Cyber Warfare
Cyber Arrests / Court Cases
Mystery Wildlife Incidents
Algae Bloom Or Red River Incidents
Animal Incident
Bat Incident
Bird - Avian Incident
Insect Incident
Marine Life Incident
Reptile Incident
Kidnapping For Ransom
Kidnappings For Ransom - Arrests And Court Cases
Kidnappings For Ransom - Corporate
Kidnappings For Ransom - Family
Kidnappings For Ransom - Other
Coronavirus/SARS/London1_novel CoV 2012 Outbreak News
Deaths - Novel Coronavirus 2019-nCoV
News And Information - Novel Coronavirus 2019-nCoV
Suspected Cases - Novel Coronavirus 2019-nCoV